Aurelian Strategic Funding is UNIQUE.

This funding is based on YOU


Aurelian is different than every other lender. Our goal at Aurelian is to provide funding to our clients that HELP THEM BE SUCCESSFUL.

We know business and we know investing because in addition to providing funding we are also business owners and investors. We know what is needed to be successful and we help our clients get it

Banks and Hard Money Lenders all do the same thing – they look at what you own and they give you money based on the value of that Asset. But what if you don’t have assets to borrow against?? Or what if you have already borrowed as much money against your assets as possible, but you still need more??

Aurelian has answered those questions and provide our clients with funding every day that is based on THEM. With Aurelian ‘s Strategic Funding Program we evaluate potential clients based on Them not their assets. Aurelian doesn’t require our clients to sign over their assets to us and we don’t put a lien on any property. We make our loan decisions on the person we are giving the loan. Aurelian provides a Program of Strategic funding that includes Loans, Lines of Credit and Business Credit Cards that are uniquely tailored to fit each client and never require the client to pledge their assets.

Aurelian Provides up to $300,000 in Strategic Capital to its clients.

Aurelian Strategic CapitalLoans,Lines of Credit and Credit Cards

DO NOT require any collateral and can be used for any purpose.


A: Our success rate is the highest in the financial industry.
Over 98% of all Aurelian Strategic Loans and Strategic Credit have been repaid or are being repaid on time. We hand select each client and provide them the capital they need to be successful. We accept clients with strong values and a strong history and we have proven success doing so. We have shown this to be the most effective way at evaluating potential clients. Our track record of helping to create and grow successful companies speaks for itself.

In order to provide Strategic Funding to our clients, Aurelian evaluates the person’s personal credit history. We look at the entire picture. We do not reduce our clients to a number, rather we look at the entire history.

Since our clients are not asked to pledge collateral it is important for our clients to have a good credit history and to have repaid other debts on time.

Aurelian realizes that strong borrowers sometimes have mishaps with their credit. To address this, Aurelian has devised the Credit Partner Program.

Aurelian allows strong borrowers to bring in one or more Credit Partners to help them obtain Strategic Funding.

There is no limit to how many Credit Partners you can utilize and each credit partner can receive up to $300,000 in Strategic Capital if they qualify.

To see if you qualify simple fill out the Aurelian Strategic Funding Prequalification Form. If you qualify you are well on your way to obtaining the capital you need.

Aurelian Business Development Officers will review your information for all 3 Types of Aurelian’s Strategic Funding. (1)Loans, (2)Lines of Credit and (3)Business Credit Cards. If accepted Aurelian will show you how to get the most out of using all 3 forms of Strategic Capital.

Get the Aurelian Strategic Advantage today and set yourself free from the shackles that other lenders require.

Traditional Loans all require the borrower to pledge collateral and the funds can only be used for certain purposes.

Aurelian Strategic Funding allows the client to use the money in the way they think best and Aurelian does NOT require any collateral or assets for its Strategic Funding Programs