Unsecured Funding That Your Business Can Count On

At Aurelian Commercial Lending we have structured programs to provide completely unsecured, freely spendable capital to American Business Owners and Start up companies without collateral, without tax returns, and without financial statements.

The Funding Your Business Needs

We understand that as a small business owner with limited financial resources, your funding needs to be flexible. That's why we only provide freely spendable, unsecured financing. Use your money however you want. Our short-term unsecured loans are an ideal way to acquire the capital you need for your enterprise to thrive and grow.

A Lender That Can Actually Deliver

AurelianLending.com is the leader in unsecured small business loans and unsecured lines of credits for startups and unsecured lines of credits for small businesses. Aurelian Lending and its affiliates have loaned over $500 million to American businesses. We understand that it is small businesses that are the life blood of the American economy and insufficient access to capital is the number one reason for small business failure. It is our goal to help strengthen the American economy by providing access to capital to small businesses and start up companies across the country.

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About Aurelian Commercial Lending

Our lending advisors know that not all business owners have collateral to secure a loan or are able to provide tax returns, financial statements and other documents required by traditional banking institutions.

At Aurelian we have structured unsecured capital lending programs to provide completely unsecured, freely spendable capital to American Business Owners without collateral, without tax returns, and without financial statements. The only requirement is your or your partners' good personal credit for an unsecured line of credit or good cash flow for our unsecured short term loans. We accept co-signers if your credit is not quite good enough and we can refer you to 3rd parties who can help you restore your credit to allow you to be approved for one of our unsecured lending programs.

Aurelian Lending knows that 60-80% of all new jobs come from small businesses. Funding America's small businesses through our unsecured capital lending programs is our business.

Unsecured Capital - Flexible, Unrestricted Funding to Help Your Business Succeed

Aurelian Lending will have a business development officer walk you through the entire application process. Feel free to apply for a short-term unsecured loan or unsecured line of credit online and get the process started. Some of the major benefits of our program include:

  • $100,000 - $250,000 in unsecured capital
  • Freely spendable funds
  • Minimum of 100,000 if accepted into the program
  • No collateral
  • No tax returns or financial statements required
  • Startup companies are ok. No time in business requirement
  • Clients accepted into the program grow faster and have a 95% greater chance of success than their competitors
  • Quick and easy application process - Approval in 24 hours
  • Fast funding. Short-term unsecured loans funded as fast as 7 days. Unsecured Lines of Credit as fast as 14 days

For more information on an unsecured small business loan for your startup, contact an Aurelian Capital Management consultant today, or to get started now, apply online for unsecured business capital by filling out our prequalification form.

All It Takes is a Phone Call or Email to Obtain the Unsecured Capital You Need

With Aurelian Lending, if you own a business or have a desire to be in business for yourself, our business experts can help you succeed. Talk to our business lending experts in Michigan and around the country to determine the most advantageous unsecured business funding package for you. It's our specialty.