"We started two new businesses and needed access to cash, something our local bank was unable, and unwilling, to assist us with. We used Aurelian's services to gain access to substantial cash flow, and at lightening speed! The process was seamless and was made so easy with Aurelian's attention to detail and flawless coaching. We always feel as though we are talking to family when we work with the staff at Aurelian. We are getting ready to do a second round with them and we have utmost confidence in their ability to secure us more credit in a completely professional and confidential manner. I am known as The Queen of Skeptical, yet Aurelian proved me wrong. I highly recommend using them for your line of credit needs, we even referred our attorney to them!"

Gayle W. - Springfield, MA

"I have had the pleasure of working with Aurelian Lending for nearly 1 year. they have a great breadth of knowledge in the financial industry, specifically when it comes to funding deals for their clients. Their attention to detail has never been compromised and their approach in getting to know their clients on a personal level is what separates them from their competition. They take a lot of pride in going above and beyond and provide their clients with custom solutions. They are among the most highly skilled in developing relationships and they take the time to understand their clients needs and wants. They are articulate and polished professionals and I look forward to continuing to grow my business with them."

Amy M. - Chicago, IL

"Please let me begin by admitting that I was a bit skeptical in general about the actual possibility of obtaining money through a non-traditional lending process to pursue my dream. Anytime someone takes a leap of faith there is a possibility of actually falling. However, They held my hand through the entire process. I could not be more pleased with how smooth the actual process went and how professionals like Tammy make it their mission to see that the customer’s questions and concerns are addressed in a very timely manner. I am happy to report that I am about to begin my second round of funding through Aurelian Lending and that I am able to move forward with plans that I thought might never come true for me. Thank you, Aurelian, for changing my life!"

Elizabeth M. - Highland, MI

"I am writing this letter to express our profound gratitude to you and your team of exceptional financial professionals for obtaining funds for our new business. Never in my life have I encountered such depth of skills, intelligence and caring as I have with Aurelian. They are brilliant, dedicated, coupled with kindness, empathy and fabulous sense of humor, they are fantastic!!! They were extremely patient with us and were very good at listening. They understood our wants, needs and concerns, for us to have funds to run a successful business. They made the process of getting the funds smooth and helped us every bit of the way. We are deeply grateful to you John, for your leadership and guidance, without you all of this would not be possible. Your influence on us has been immense."

The Meijer Family - Haven, CT

"Thanks for all your help. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how smooth this process was. You communicated EXTREMELY well throughout and set realistic expectations. I appreciate how you communicated all the disclosures and how the process works. Would definitely use your services again. Now, off to work extremely hard to repay before 0% interest runs out!"

Mia Romar - RE/MAX Top Realty