The Company

The Aurelian Companies is a privately funded International Commercial Lending Institution for Commercial Real Estate Developers, Businesses, and Medical Professionals.

The Aurelian Companies specializes in providing direct domestic and international commercial financing for businesses and real estate projects. With funding capabilities that rival even the largest financial institutions, combined with a team of seasoned business professionals, we are in the unique position to handle any size transaction while providing unmatched support. We work with enterprises of all scales, including real estate developers, well-established businesses, medical professionals and non-profit organizations.

Funding Capabilities for Any Size Transaction

Aurelian has resources to fund well over $500 million for lending to the small, middle and large market business community and real estate markets. ACL is also an international commercial capital management services firm that has developed extensive partner networks. Through these partnerships, we have access to virtually unlimited additional capital resources.

This powerful combination of internal and external funding makes ACL one of the most well capitalized international commercial capital lending and management services firms worldwide. We can finance any business endeavor and fund any project or transaction, regardless of size.

Creativity to Drive Your Growth

Aurelian’s funding ability includes a broad range of financial solutions. From sale-leasebacks and medical equipment lending, to hard money loans and mezzanine financing, Aurelian has both the funds and technical resources to set up effective financing plans that will drive your business growth.

Our management team is made up of a diverse group of seasoned business professionals. With more than 30 years of building and operating successful ventures across the globe, our unique team includes business owners, developers and financial analysts. Our expertise in international commercial capital acquisition and financing stems from this comprehensive knowledge, which spans across business operations and industries. We’re in the unique position to not only understand your business needs, but also have the resources in which to meet them.

Personalized Attention, Custom-Tailored Solutions

Aurelian’s business development officers work closely with you to ensure the lending process is as smooth as possible. We take time to fully comprehend your specific requirements and objectives. By doing so, we can provide you with the best solutions. Our international commercial capital management and financing services are globally recognized because we design solutions that are best for your company’s unique needs, instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to lending.

With over 30 years of international business experience in the capital markets, we know that it is simply not enough to possess financial resources. Knowledge is an equally crucial differentiator in building a successful business or completing a commercial real estate development project. Our experience, knowledge and expertise is your advantage. We work hard to establish a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you by providing the best means to meet your capital requirements.


Aurelian's management team is made up of a diverse group of business and finance professionals. Experience ranges from business owners and developers, to financial analysts and more. At Aurelian, we understand business and we have decades of experience and knowledge in the capital demands placed upon our clients.


Aurelian's loan specialists work closely with our clients to make the lending process as smooth as possible and to create the best loan structures for our clients. We take the time to learn our client’s business and capital objectives so that we can provide solutions to even the most complex capital requirements.


At Aurelian, we know it's not enough to just possess resources. Knowledge is the prime differentiator in building a successful business or completing a commercial real estate development. It is Aurelian’s objective to use our experience, knowledge and expertise to best assist our clients in meeting all their capital requirements.