We believe this can best be accomplished by assisting children in need and is committed to doing so.

Aurelian is proud to be associated with The Syron Foundation and has pledged its ongoing support in both financial and volunteering endeavors.

Through our work with the Syron Foundation, ACL has supported programs which assist children battling disease and struggling with autism. We have also worked on programs to expand children’s creativity in our schools.

The Aurelian Companies supports the Syron Foundation objective of helping children in need, fostering creativity and artistic expression, and providing support to programs which safeguard, engage and inspire children throughout the world.

The partners of ACL committed to provide a portion of their salary each year and to volunteer their time to philanthropic and charitable activities. Similarly, we provide corporate sponsorship to philanthropic endeavors.

Aurelian believes in community involvement and strives each day to have a positive impact on the people working and living around us.