Meet the CEO – John Syron

The CEO of ACM is business owner, engineer, and financier John Syron.

John Syron is a graduate Chemical Engineer from Michigan State University. After serving as Vice President of a well-known engineering company for ten years, he founded his own company in 1990, Vector Environmental Group Inc.

Vector was a large-scale engineering and manufacturing company with a focus on the environment. The aim was to develop new products and processes that could reduce energy consumption and minimize waste in automobile and steel production. These award-winning and patented innovations are currently being utilized by the largest global manufacturers of today.

Despite being a relatively young company, Vector was able to effectively compete with billion-dollar contemporaries. Over several decades, Mr. Syron’s company built an illustrious client list that included General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler Corporation, Daimler Benz AG, Magna International Corporation and Nucor Steel Corporation.

After establishing success in the United States, Mr. Syron took Vector to the international stage. He led the creation of several industrial manufacturing corporations that maintained environmentally sustainable production processes. These enterprises had worldwide reach, with operations extending throughout Canada, Germany, Austria and Mexico.

Since 1980, Mr. Syron has been building bridges that connect the often-disparate worlds of engineering and manufacturing to commercial financing. Along with running his own business, he contributed significantly in the product development, international and domestic market expansion, capital acquisition and commercial financing of numerous Fortune 500 companies.

The Aurelian Companies is the culmination of this unique experience. As the founder and CEO, Mr. Syron has ensured Aurelian has the resources to fund and access to over $500 million in capital and capital commitments. In addition to private funding, he also established a partnership network of capital resources collectively making billions of dollars available to The Aurelian Companies, giving ACL the financial security it needs to fund any size project. With the same prodigious skill and determination in his earlier endeavors, Mr. Syron has positioned ACL as a leader in the commercial and commercial real estate development markets.

Mr. Syron balances his professional life with charity work. The Syron Foundation is a charitable institution devoted to helping children battling debilitating diseases such as autism, promoting creative and artistic expression in the education system, and supporting other programs that similarly safeguard and inspire children throughout the world.